Our World in Numbers

Our World in Numbers

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A cool compendium of extraordinary figures and number-based facts about everything in the world from animals to art. Zillions of fun figures at your fingertips!

Are you eager to know all the most incredible facts and stats? Would you like to number-crunch your way around the wonders of our world?

Arm yourself with nuggets of number knowledge and fantastic figures with this data-filled book that explores everything in our world from space to sports and animals to art. How long does it take to put on a spacesuit? How many times does a sloth poop in a week? How many stone blocks are there in the Great Pyramid at Giza? What percentage of your brain do you really use? With intriguing fact-bites and colorful data graphics, Our World in Numbers takes you on a remarkable adventure by numbers, telling you everything you could possibly need to know--and more!

Ages 8-12


by DK