Look I'm a Scientist

Look I'm a Scientist

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Look I'm A Scientist is the most incredible introduction to science for kids. From an iceberg animal rescue to stretchy slime and a science wizard potion. Kids can pour it, mix it, feel it, and more, as each sensory-friendly activity becomes an ever-so-exciting science experiment.

The 14 activities in this educational book are easy to prepare, set up, and create. A step-by-step visual guide and a charming design make it the perfect STEM activity book for parents and their little ones to explore together. Each activity is designed to let your child play and learn with all their senses. Together you can grow their love of science and their understanding of the world.

Little scientists will discover fun facts like why water goes stiff in the freezer, what makes slime super stretchy, how to make the best soap bubbles, and lots more. With Look I'm A Scientist children can touch, smell, see, hear, and taste their way to scientific amazement.

Ages 3 - 7


by DK