Hydro-Dip Custom Skate Studio

Hydro-Dip Custom Skate Studio

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Assemble and apply graphic designs to mini skateboards! This craft activity kit is great for creating and decorating finger skateboards that you can play with or display! You will have fun doing ollies, kick flips, heel flips and more with a custom finger board completely designed by you!

Everything you need to make 5 mini finger skateboards is included, just add creativity and imagination. This complete craft kit comes with 5 skate-decks, 8 hydro-skins, grip tape, stickers, wheels, screws and a mini tool set. No glue, paint or chemicals are need to complete this craft! Simply use water to activate the hydro skin graphics to the skateboard mini desks and get ready to play with a toy that’s uniquely yours.

Ages 7+

by Creativity for Kids