HABA Kullerbü Construction Site Set

HABA Kullerbü Construction Site Set

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This Kullerbu starter set features an awesome construction site section. The wheel loader vehicle has a momentum motor and features a bucket with 2 tipping positions so it can either carry or push ball "Ben" up or down the track, drop him into the construction site where he rolls down into the waiting bed of the free-wheeling dump truck! Includes:

  • 1 construction site effect
  • 1 traffic sign
  • 3 universal steep curves
  • 1 straight track
  • 1 exit ramp
  • 1 ball Builder Ben
  • 1 ball building rubble
  • 1 free-wheeling dump truck with movable bed
  • 1 wheel loader with momentum motor and 2 connecting elements
Ages 2-8+

Executive FunctionSTEM SkillsFine Motor Skills