Final Season

Final Season

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Ben Redd has football in his blood. His two all-star older brothers and their NFL dad are football royalty. So it’s only natural that middle-school quarterback Ben follows in their footsteps. With the championship game against his team’s toughest rival coming up, he has a real chance to shine on the field.

But Ben’s whole life is turned upside down when his dad is diagnosed with ALS, an incurable disease no doubt connected to all those hard hits he took back in his heyday. Ben’s mom becomes determined to get Ben to quit football forever.

Ben isn’t playing just for himself, though. This could be his dad’s last time ever as his coach. And his teammates need a quarterback who can lead them to victory. But as Ben grapples with the pressures of winning, and as he watches the heavy toll ALS is taking on his dad, he begins to question if this will be his final season after all. 

Ages 8 - 12


by Tim Green