Cat Mini Excavator with Worker
Child playing with Cat Mini Excavator with Worker

CAT Mini Excavator with Worker

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The Cat mini excavator has an excavator arm can also be swiveled toward the side to make it indispensable for landscaping and gardening . Thanks to its tracked chassis, It can also cope with challenging terrain. The chassis blade gives the vehicle more stability on loose ground, making it suitable for simple leveling activities. In addition to its realistic playing functions, the model comes with ample accessories. The excavator bucket is detachable. The bonnet at the rear opens, the cab is glazed and its door opens to allow the enclosed, realistic construction worker featuring moving limbs to easily access the cab and take a seat. The excavator arm rotates by 360 degrees, and the bucket arm by an additional 180 degrees, just like the real thing.

Ages 3+

by Bruder