Space Toys for your little Astronaut

by Katie Schubert

On July 16, 1969, three Americans flew into space to go where no human had
been before – the moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and
Michael Collins spent a total of eight days on their mission to and from the moon.
When Neil and Buzz (Michael stayed behind on their spaceship) landed on the
surface of the moon three days later on July 20, 1969, more than 650 million
people were watching live on their TVs worldwide. That’s even more impressive
considering the world had only 3.6 billion people on it compared to today’s more
than eight billion.

Got a space fan on your hands? Child’s Play can help you find whatever products
you need, from toys, to books, maps, globes and more.

What better place to start your space journey than with Glowing Galactic Astros
and Colorful Stars to stick on your ceiling.

Galactic Astros Glow in the Dark Stars

You don’t always have to only look up to see the stars when you piece together
our 48-piece floor puzzles for ages three and up. With large easy to hold pieces
for small toddler hands, these durable cardboard puzzles are designed to put up
with even your roughest little astronaut.
Solar System Floor Puzzle Melissa & Doug

Does your space explorer need to get out a little energy? How about the new
NASA Stomp Rockets? Perfect for ages five and up, your little one will burn off
enough energy to take her to the moon!

Another great option for your space buff is the board game Space Escape. This
game, for ages seven and up, is a quick moving cooperative game where the
players work together to get away from the snakes that have infiltrated the space
station and into the escape pods.
Space Escape - Peaceable Kingdom

Snack time for your little extraterrestrial explorer? Try a sweet treat with our
freeze-dried and ready to eat Astronaut Ice Cream.Astronaut Ice Cream

Before your young astronaut’s next bedtime, visit our book department’s space
section for a terrific selection of moon and exploration themed books. Fly to the
stars with Ellen Ochoa in the beautifully illustrated picture book Ellen Takes Flight.
Fly up to the moon with Neil, Buzz and Michael in Brian Floca’s Moonshot. With
highly detailed illustrations and explanations, you’ll feel like you’re right in the
command module with the astronauts.

Stop in any of our three Child’s Play locations to grab these and other out of this
world products soon!

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