Earth Day at Home, by Molly Olivo

Hands holding dirt and plant

Happy Earth Day!  In February, I had been planning a whole Earth Day celebration at the store for today.  We were going to decorate flower pots and make crafts out of recyclables!  Needless to say, we are not having an in-store event today. Since we aren’t able to do any of my eco-friendly activities in the store, I am going to share them here, instead. Please enjoy these simple activities with your family and take a little bit of time to appreciate our planet and all of her wonders!

Flower pot decorating and flower planting

Grab a flower pot of any type (or an old mug that isn’t being used anymore). Paint it, sticker it, decorate it however you want (and using whatever you have in the house or whatever you buy from Child’s Play). If you really want to step it up, use old magazines, newspapers or even used wrapping paper to decoupage your flower pot. Once your flower pot has finished drying, fill it with dirt and plant some seeds, or replant some vegetable scraps (green onions or celery are easy ones). Science, art and environmentalism, all in one activity!

Toilet paper rolls can be anything

Admit it, you bought a Costco size pack of toilet paper. No judgement, but now you have a million toilet paper rolls. Even if you didn’t panic buy, everyone being home all the time means you probably have more empty rolls than usual. Paint with them, make pretend binoculars, make them into gift boxes for painted rocks. One pinterest search and you will be swimming in adorable projects to be done with toilet paper rolls. This works with most recyclable items (milk jugs are especially fun to play with), so try something and see what works!

Reenact the Lorax

There are a lot of wonderful books about the environment, and I will happily tell you all about them, but the Lorax is a great place to start. If you have never stood on a stump and spoken for the trees, you are missing out.  The Lorax is a great way to start the conversation about saving the planet, but also a great way to encourage kids to stand up and speak out for causes they care about.

Go for a bike ride or hop on your scooters and discover things

Avoid the car completely for a few days. (Less of a stretch than it was six weeks ago, but still worth doing.) Walk, scoot or bike and pay attention to nature while you do it.  Parks might be closed, but the bike trails are open. Get out there and check out some trees, bugs, squirrels, etc. You won’t regret it!

Buy some eco-friendly toys from Child’s Play

I can't write a blog for our store without mentioning that we have eco-friendly toys for sale every day. From Green Toys trucks to Biobuddi’s plant-based building blocks, we can help you find all of the best eco-friendly toys for your family. Make a concierge appointment or send us an email, and we will get you all taken care of!

Happy Earth Day! 

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