All About April Fools’ Day

April Fools!

Many cultures have celebrated some version of April Fools’ Day for centuries. Many people believe that the celebration of April Fools’ Day started in 1582, when most cultures and societies adopted the Gregorian Calendar. This marked the beginning of our modern calendar style. 

Before making the switch to the Gregorian calendar, many countries, including France, used the Julian calendar. This calendar marked the new year alongside the spring equinox, usually around the first of April. 

As you can imagine, the spread of the news of the new Gregorian calendar took time to travel across the world. People who continued to celebrate the new year at the beginning of April were referred to as “April fools,” and often were the subject of pranks and jokes. 

Other people believe that the origins of April Fools’ Day stemmed from the often unpredictable weather that follows the spring equinox. 

Celebrating April Fools’ Day Around The World

All around the world, people across many different cultures take part in April Fools’ Day celebrations. 

In Ireland and Scotland, people traditionally celebrate by playing a prank on someone by giving them an “important” letter. This letter contains a trick message that instructs them to pass it along to another unsuspecting person, and the prank continues on and on. 

In the UK, it is traditional to only play April Fools’ pranks and jokes until noon on April first. Anyone who continues to play pranks after noon is considered to be an “April Fool” themselves.

Perhaps the largest celebration of April Fools’ Day is called Humorina, a festival that takes place in Odessa, Ukraine, every year around the first day of April. The festival includes a huge parade in the center of the city with performances of all kinds. It’s a time to celebrate comedy and humor. You can find clowns, comedians, musicians and people dressed in crazy costumes and fun clothes all around. 

Be Silly, Be Kind

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