Roadmax Garbage Truck
Roadmax Garbage Truck

Roadmax Garbage Truck

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Pretending to do the work of adults is a favorite pastime of toddlers everywhere. With a realistic rear trash container and a front cab that opens and closes, this sturdy Roadmax garbage truck makes it easy for little ones to take on the role of the local garbage collector. Sporting bright primary colors and oversize components with smooth edges to prevent cuts and bruises, the garbage truck is made of durable plastic and measures approximately 16.5 inches long and 9.5 inches high. The truck comes with a separate trash bin that can be attached to the hand-powered lift on the back of the truck and then dumped into the trash container. Once it's full, the truck driver can lift the container and unload its contents at the dump. Equipped with treaded rubber tires, the truck's front cab can be opened and closed and is big enough to hold up to two action figures (sold separately).

Ages 2+

by Bruder