Ninjaline Ropes Course
Ninjaline Ropes Course

Ninjaline Ropes Course

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Build your backyard ropes course with this complete set. Includes one 36' ninjaline with 14 pockets, one 36' slackline, four PC tubes, three rope attachments, delta carabiners and two ratchet covers. Easy to install and easy to take with you, this set is fun for kids and adults. Builds core strength and balance with a variety of obstacles and a versatile set up.

When figuring out where you are going to set up your ninja course, you will first want to find 2 healthy trees that the line will hang between. In order to ensure that you are purchasing the correct length of line, you will want to measure the circumference of both trees, and add this total to the distance between the two trees. Keep in mind that you will want a few feet of spare line to be able to tighten the line. Max weight 250 pounds.

Ages 5+

by B4 Adventure