Djeco joy box for ages 4-6

Djeco Joy Box for Ages 4-6

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This bundle of goodies from Djeco will bring some joy into your day! Includes:

  • Step by Step Animo and Co - Learn to draw, step by step.
  • 8 make-your-own jungle animal masks
  • 24-piece giant floor puzzle, The Year of the Bear
  • 2 mosaic butterflies with sticker mosaic tiles
  • 54-piece puzzle, In the Jungle
  • 4 sheets of tattoos
  • 4 sheets of dinosaur stickers
  • Sticker Stories The Fun Fair - 54 reusable stickers
  • Little Cooperation Game - Work as a team to rescue the animals to the igloo before the ice bridge melts.

Ages 4-6

by Djeco